I Drink Matcha Every Morning Now

I Drink Matcha Every Morning Now

I’m a matcha drinker. There, I admitted it. We’ve all been hearing a lot about matcha lately and it’s health benefits over coffee or other caffeine drinks. I decided to give it a try after I reading several articles about it in men’s health publications. A friend of mine recommended I try Ujido Green Tea Matcha. Two months ago, I put it into my morning protein shake routine and made it part of my daily diet. So what is my conclusion so far? Matcha is amazing, and I may never go back to coffee. You heard me.

I use to be a regular coffee drinker. One cup every morning when I woke up, and another about 10 am when I felt the crash coming on. The problem was I never really felt that alert for long. Coffee gave me a short burst, then a drop in energy. Nap time by noon. We also know coffee isn’t the greatest for us. The higher acidity can cause heartburn and overall stomach issues. Coffee can also cause inflammation within the body, which has recently been a personal effort of mine to stop eating foods that cause inflammation and soreness. Why was I continuing to drink something I knew to be hurting me?

I started adding Ujido to my protein shake each morning. Organic berry blend from Costco, Coconut Almond milk, ¼ teaspoon of Ujido, 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric, a scoop of mint flavored super greens and a scoop of chocolate flavored whey protein powder. Delicious.

Now, I feel much more alert and focused, versus the jittery feeling I had with coffee. I also like the added health benefits matcha has over other caffeine drinks. Matcha isn’t nearly as processed or altered the way coffee beans are, so you get most of the nutrients. Coffee beans can be roasted at high temperatures resulting in acrylamide (look it up) in your coffee. No thanks. I personally feel better eating green, nutrient and chlorophyll rich foods than blackened and burned foods. The best part is I don’t experience an energy crash or other side effects, like I did with coffee.

Yes, I’m a matcha drinker now. I tell you that proudly and welcome you try it out. Come to your own conclusions and write a blog like I did. You can title it, “Why I Also Drink Matcha Now”.

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