Natural and Synthetic Fluoride in Soil, Water & Household Products

Natural and Synthetic Fluoride in Soil, Water & Household Products

Fluoride is used as a weapon against caries (tooth decay) and is highly praised by the American Dental Association, government, and public health officials as necessary for oral health. 

How does fluorine help our teeth? Why is fluoride added to most public drinking water supplies when its sole purpose is to prevent cavities, a non-water borne disease? 

2 Types of Fluoride 

When the discussion of fluoride is brought up, the issue that is often omitted is that the synthetic fluoride added to drinking water is not the same fluoride found in nature.

Naturally occurring fluoride is calcium fluoride (CaF2) or fluorine and has a neutral charge. It is present in nature and is found in soil, rivers, oceans, and our food. Calcium fluoride also occurs naturally in the body, in teeth, our bones, and even breast milk. As nature most often does; substances that causes harm characteristically exist in combination with the antidote. Calcium is the antidote to fluoride poisoning and keeps fluorine from entering the bloodstream. Calcium fluoride present in nature poses no health concerns.

The fluoride added to public drinking water is synthetic, a form of fluoride called sodium fluoride (NaF) with a negative charge. Sodium fluoride is an industrial waste byproduct derived from Hydrofluoric (HF) acid the precursor to almost every synthetic fluorine recipe. 

The Lancet, the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal revealed sodium fluoride is a neurotoxin. Sodium fluoride is highly soluble, does not contain calcium, and will go straight to the bloodstream. There are also several other poisonous chemicals prevalent in sodium fluoride; which include aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, fluorosilicic acid; phosphate, even radioactive ingredients. 

Fluoride: Not An Essential Nutrient

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is an independent agency of the United States whose purpose if to protect the public health in regards to nuclear energy. In 1993 and 2006 they reported on the toxicity of fluoride stating that there is not any disease, not even cavities that are caused by a deficiency of fluoride in the body. The Institute of Medicine, in 1997, also reported that fluoride does nothing to protect against tooth decay or any other disease.  

“Fluoride is not in any natural human metabolic pathway.”

British Medical Journal BMJ | 6 OCTOBER 2007 | VOLUME 335 K. K. Cheng, Iain Chalmers and Trevor A Sheldon

“Sodium fluoride used for therapeutic effect would be a drug, not a mineral nutrient.  Fluoride has not been determined essential to human health. A minimum daily requirement for sodium fluoride has not been established.”  

Department of Health, Education and Welfare, The Food & Drug Administration, August 15, 1963 

Fluorine Is Cumulative 

Fluorides and more particularly aqueous solutions of sodium fluoride are cumulative poisons interfering with calcium metabolism and electron transports in the body. When drinking fluorinated water, nearly 100% of the fluoride and other soluble forms are absorbed into the blood where it enters the cellular tissues. Approximately half is eliminated through the kidneys while the rest is stored in teeth, bones, blood vessels and tissues, a disruptor to wreck serious havoc on the body. 

The pure form of sodium fluoride is so toxic, one tube of toothpaste could kill two small children; which is why since 1997, the FDA requires all fluoridated toothpastes to display this warning: 

Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek medical help or call a poison control center immediately. 

Sodium fluoride began as a rodenticide; it is the primary chemical in insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides. 

The History of Fluoride 

To make sense of fluoride in our current world one must first look into the history and origin of fluoride. 

In the 1950s, the Florida phosphate companies were facing a crippling tidal wave of lawsuits from worker, farmers and communities poisoned by wartime industrial fluoride emissions. Fluoride broke people’s health, killed their cattle and destroyed their crops. 

“Airborne fluorides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant.” US Department of Agriculture, 1970

The manufacturers of aluminum had to find some other place for their toxic waste. Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is credited with suggesting putting fluoride in drinking water. Francis Frary, the chief scientist for ALCOA commissioned Gerald to do “research”; manipulate data and create an illusion of helping people by adding poison to their water supply. Instead of neutralizing hazardous hydrofluorosilic acid they would ship this worthless, toxic byproduct in tanker trucks around the country to drinking water suppliers for a profit. 

Fraudulent Science

To begin to fathom the story behind water fluoridation you have to know the track record of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. The Mellon Institute of Industrial Research was one of the largest private laboratories in the United States. Its founder, Andrew Mellon, was a banker and owned the Aluminum Company of America, the largest stockholder of the Mellon Institute and ALCOA. Mellon gave large sums of money to the then President and was given the position of US Treasury of Secretary. Back then the US Treasury of Secretary was equivalent to the US Public Health Service.

Andrew Mellon used his private laboratory, the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research to support big corporations by producing “research science” to promote their industries. It is a long list of businesses many of which are aluminum and metal companies. 

Some of these companies included:


US Steel

Kaiser Aluminum

American Petroleum Institute 

National Institute of Dental Research

The Mellon Institute of Industrial Research was the leading defender of asbestos for the asbestos industry; which we all know today is carcinogenic. To protect the asbestos industry from negligent lawsuits; adamantly and repeatedly they falsified purported data to saying that asbestos was completely safe and did not cause mesothelioma. This is the same multi-billion dollar institute that enabled manufacturers to convince the general public politicians to allow sodium fluoride in pesticides, drinking water, as well as many other products.

Selling The American Public

For Frary and Cox to pull off their scheme, they had to sell it to the American public so they hired the best in the business, Edward L Bernays, a Machiavellian genius with no moral compass. 

Bernays was the father of manipulation, and the nephew of Sigmund Freud, twice over. Bragging he could control the masses according to his will without their knowing about it, he pulled off countless illusions to sway people. Possibly Bernays is most remembered for staging a demonstration at a1929 Easter parade. Young women flaunted and lit their cigarettes as “torches of freedom” to overcome resistance of women smoking, helping the tobacco industry increase sales. 

Bernays was well aware that people have an unconscious trust in their doctor and dentist and leveraged this to his advantage. The National Institute of Dental Research was also a large financier of The Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. With the backing of The National Institute of Dental Research, the Mellon Institute provided their “proof” that fluoride will demineralize and re-mineralize teeth. 

Few dentists are even aware that fluoride is not even a pharmaceutical product, but is in fact, an industrial waste by-product. To this day, there is not one study without some conflict of interest that shows any validity to fluoride protecting against cavities. In fact, it is quite the opposite, too much fluoride leads to dental and skeletal fluorosis, damaging joints and bones. 

Conflict of Interest

“There is no health hazard that justifies postponing water fluoridation.” – Dr. Harold Hodges.

Who is Dr. Harold Hodge?

Another scientist on the Mellon institute team to purport the safety of fluoride was Dr. Harold Hodge. Dr. Harold Hodge was the chief toxicologist for the ultra-secret Manhattan Project along with a group of scientists and engineers that developed the atomic bomb. It took huge enormous quantities of fluoride, the key chemical in producing the atomic bomb. Dr. Hodge was in charge of investigating the toxicity of the chemicals used to make the bomb. 

The studies Dr. Hodge conducted gave these industries, the government, and the US Army protection from being charged with fluoride pollution. It was the ultimate conflict of interest.

What Was The Human Radiation Experiment? 

Reporter Eileen Welsonne is a Pulitzer Prize winner for documenting what has become known as the Human Radiation Experiment. It was called the Manhattan Project. Stafford Warren headed a medical team under the greatest secrecy as they over several years throughout America. 

Dr. Harold Hodge was the co-orchestrator in the Human Radiation Experiment, worked with the U.S. government, calculatingly injected radioactive elements, such as plutonium, polonium, and uranium, into civilian patients without their knowledge or consent. At the same time, he was reassuring the American people that fluorine was safe. 

There was also another large and private laboratory involved called the Kettering Laboratory that dealt with issues of toxicity. It too, was very well funded and is known for fabricated scientific data to protect big industries against liability. 

The Kettering Laboratory is famous for assuring the nation that is was perfectly safe to put lead in gasoline. The neurological damage caused from adding lead to gasoline is incalculable. 

Robert Kehoe was the senior director of The Kettering Laboratory became a leading defender of fluoride along with Dr. Harold Hodges. Their work was funded mainly by the aluminum industries; who created a “Fluorine Lawyers Committee” to defend corporate giants like Monsanto, DuPont, Us Steel, And ALCOA and pay for questionable product safety studies.

“The question of the public safety of fluoridation is non-existent from the viewpoint of medical science.” – Robert Kehoe, 1957

In stark contrast to Dr. Hodge is a doctor whose name should be revered and remembered, Dr. George Wallbott.

Who Is Dr. George Walbott?

Opposition to fluoride is equated with quackery and paranoia. If anyone speaks up they are publicly smeared. Dr. George Walbott is a name everyone should know. He was a physician working in Detroit, Michigan and was devoted to safeguarding public health and led a national movement against water fluoridation. 

Why is this doctor so significant?

Dr. George Walbott was the first physician to warn that smoking causes emphysema. 

Dr. George Walbott was the first doctor to warn that penicillin can cause fatal allergic reactions. 

Dr. George Walbott did a series of double blind tests proving fluoride caused symptoms of gastric distress, headaches, muscle fatigue and pain in some of his patients and relentlessly warned against the dangers of low dose fluoride.

As a dentist or doctor, speaking out against fluoride is fatal to their career. Dr. George Walbott is a name of a man who cared deeply for the health and well being of humanity. 

Products Made With Fluoride 

Some of the ways to safeguard against further PFC exposure is to avoid pre-packaged foods such as microwave popcorn, stain-resistant, stain-free clothing, stain-guard furniture and carpet, coated and other non-stick pans.

Fluorochemicals such as polytetrafluoroethtylene, PTFE, or other types of PFC are used to make high-temperature plastics, non-stick coatings for pans, and cookware most often made of aluminum. Flurochemicals, PFCs we have with us all of our lives and pass it onto our children also increase the absorption of aluminum by 600%. 

Effects of Fluoride

Studies have shown fluoride affects the brain, pineal gland, thyroid, blood sugar levels, bones and more. 30 investigations on animals have shown fluoride reduces animal’s ability to learn or remember. Some common health hazards associated with fluoride exposure are:

  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Lowers IQ
  • Brain Damage
  • Increases Aging
  • Decreases fertility
  • Leads to early puberty
  • Hyperactivity or lethargy
  • Increases Lead Absorption
  • Compromises Immune System
  • Dental fluorosis (stains and pits teeth)
  • Increases Cell Death and Genetic Damage

Fluorine Is Banned In Many Countries

The US court rejected the argument that fluoride is medication because fluoride is found everywhere in the world. 

Many countries have banned fluorine because the dangers of fluoridation are thought to be real. These countries include, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, and Sweden. 

All other water treatment chemicals added to drinking water are for quality and safety. Fluoride is the only chemical that does nothing for water safety.