Sweet Matcha Powder Packets for Mobile Matcha Magic

June 28, 2017

Are you an on-the-go mom, constantly running your kids from school to soccer practice to piano lessons?

Do you spend most of your workdays sitting in traffic and bouncing from one work meeting to the next?

Does your spouse travel a lot for work?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you need Ujido Sweet Matcha. Offering the regular Matcha health benefits—like increasing energy levels and improving focus—and the sweet Matcha powder being divided into handy packets, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for those of you who are always on the go.

What makes Sweet Matcha good for you?

Some people hear the word sweet and they immediately think unhealthy—but this sweet Matcha powder isn’t. Our Sweet Matcha is actually quite healthy.

The main benefits of Sweet Matcha include:

Besides powdered Matcha green tea leaves, Sweet Matcha is made with non-GMO Erythritol and monk fruit, a natural sweetener. The monk fruit sweetener provides the following benefits:

  • Has zero calories
  • Scores a zero on the glycemic index
  • Doesn’t impact blood sugar or insulin
  • Is safe for diabetics
  • Doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste
  • Is free of additives and artificial flavors.

How can you consume Sweet Matcha?

The two most common ways to consume Sweet Matcha is mixing one packet of the powder with 6 oz. of cold water or with 8 oz. of cold milk. Other ways you can drink this Matcha travel buddy are mixed in a smoothie, latte, sweet iced tea or green tea detox spritzer.

But drinking it isn’t all you can do. You can also use Sweet Matcha powder in baking and cooking. A customer favorite, anytime of the year, is our green tea shortbread cookies recipe. The Matcha turns the cookies’ color to a light green, but don’t be turned off by that. The Matcha adds a delightful subtle green tea flavor, making these cookies taste even better than normal shortbread cookies do.

If you want to see how Sweet Matcha compares to regular and roasted Matcha, check out our Matcha tea comparison infographic.

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