The Craziest Matcha Trends of 2016

Let’s just go ahead and get this out there: 2016 was one strange year. From the Mannequin Challenge to KFC rolling out an edible nail polish that tasted like fried chicken to a former reality TV star being elected the next U.S. president, we all had a lot to write and laugh about the last 12 months.

But, some things that might have flown under the radar for you were 2016’s crazy Matcha trends. So without further ado, here are the most interesting and unusual Matcha products and trends we could find.

Green Matcha White Wine

matcha white wine


You’ve got people who drink Matcha traditionally, as a green tea from a bowl. Then there are those who drink Matcha as lattes or by mixing green tea powder into their smoothies. And last year, thanks to the combined efforts of Kyoto tea store Itohkyuemon and Kyoto wine company Tamba Wine, you can now drink a green Matcha white wine. The wine is a vibrant green and combines the bitter taste of Matcha with sweet grapes for a quite delectable aftertaste. This wine is said to pair well with fish and vegetable meals.

Matcha Cheesecake Pretzel Rolls

matcha cheesecake pretzel rolls from Auntie Anne's


If you’re not a wine-o, then maybe you enjoy the rich, sweet flavors of cheesecake—and maybe that means you should try the recently released Matcha cheesecake pretzels. Brought to you by Auntie Anne’s, these pastries are made with a top layer of Matcha cream and then a bottom layer of cream cheese cake all rolled up inside pretzel dough that’s then topped with crushed almonds. If for some crazy reason this sounds like an appealing combination of ingredients to you, you’ll have to visit one of Auntie Anne’s Japanese locations since they’re the only ones offering this Matcha snack.

17-layer Matcha Green Tea Crepe

Matcha green tea crepe cake


The next time you’re testing your luck in Las Vegas, test out Is Sweet’s 17-layer fluffy Matcha crepe cake. This creamy dream of a dessert is made with matcha-flavored crepes and sauce and then has whipped cream spread in between each layer of Matcha goodness. Is Sweet does a great job with their presentation, and an even better job with the taste of this sweet crepe cake.

Matcha Spa Day

matcha bath and face mask


Not all crazy Matcha trends were food-related. Another crazy trend of 2016 included pampering yourself with a Matcha spa day. That’s right, and you don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars to go to a spa—you can enjoy yourself from the comfort of your own home. In Gretha Scholtz’s Matcha — The Cookbook, she not only gives you Matcha food recipes, but spa day recipes, like how to make a Matcha bath and Matcha face mask. Make sure to go over the top with this one and whip yourself up a nice Matcha-flavored drink to have while soaking in the tub.

Did we miss any crazy Matcha trends or products from 2016? Tell us about them!

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