The Ujido Matcha Tea Set is the New Hotness

Summer is the hottest season of the year. If you don’t believe me, just look at all the people donning their swimsuits and swim trunks heading to their neighborhood pool, the lake and the beach, and of course look at your car’s thermometer that too often reaches triple digits.

With things heating up around us, we decided it’s the perfect time to release our Ujido Matcha tea set. Hotness isn’t included, but it’s a hot deal at a hot price.

For just $75.00—20% off its normal price—you get not just two or three Ujido items, but five. It’s a steal of a summer deal!

The following is what’s included in our Matcha tea set:

Besides a great bundled deal at an even better price, you’re getting three different kinds of Matcha green tea, the various benefits of Matcha, as well as two authentic and traditional instruments to help you make several frothy bowls of Matcha.

Here’s what I love about each item in our Matcha tea set, and I know you will too (if you don’t already).

Our Matcha green tea is sourced from the highest-quality tea leaves in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. It provides 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea, and if for some crazy reason you don’t love drinking tea every day, you can also consume this Matcha powder in a smoothie bowl, in your morning bowl of oatmeal or even cheesecake bars.

Ujido Sweet Matcha Tea is a heavenly combination of rich Matcha flavor with the perfect touch of sweetness. Plus, the powder packets make it easy to add this healthy sweet tea—as this Matcha green tea type is sugar and calorie free—into a sweet Matcha drink, latte or sweet iced tea.

Ceremonial grade Matcha is the most vibrant green colored Matcha, and it’s what is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The following video shows you how to make ceremonial grade Matcha the traditional way using a bamboo whisk and spoon, like you’re also getting in this tea set.

As far as the bamboo whisk and spoon, every Matcha green tea drinker needs one. The curved shape of the spoon lets you easily scoop Matcha from its container into your bowl, while the whisk helps create the traditional froth to the top of your tea.

We hope that this variety of items will give you exposure to our delicious products. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate our matcha tea set and enjoy it in different ways on various occasions.

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