Traveling The World by Bicycle – An Update On Sushi & Sambar


At the beginning of this year, one brave couple began doing what many of us wish we could do—quit our day job and travel the world. But they aren’t doing it the way normal tourists would travel. Rather, Yuka and Sunil (Sushi and Sambar) are traveling the world by bicycle.

We were so inspired (and a little envious) by their travels to visit new countries, meet new people and try new cuisines that somehow we wanted to join in. So we sent them along with some Ujido Matcha, the best travel partner we could think of.


So far, Sushi and Sambar have been to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Georgia and more, sightseeing, staying with fun hosts and learning and enjoying all they can about the different cultures they’re experiencing.

As they’ve embarked on their 200 days with Matcha, one of Sushi’s projects was to create fusion recipes by mixing some of our Matcha powder in with the local cuisine.


And they’ve mixed it with almost any and everything you can think of.


As of the beginning of August, their menu of Matcha-enhanced food items has consisted of soups, breads, snacks, spreads, desserts, noodle based recipes, rice based recipes, sauce based recipes, cocktails and other beverages.


And according to Sushi, every country they cycled through was supportive of this project and their adventure (11 countries by the end of July), and the people and the food are unique and wonderful.


What have you added Ujido Matcha to? We’d love to hear about your creations and get your recipes!

All images are from the Sushi & Sambar on the Silk Route Facebook page.

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