Where in the World are Sushi & Sambar?

Last time we checked in with Sushi and Sambar, our favorite world-traveling Indo-Japanese couple, they were still going strong on their 200 day journey with Matcha. With the help of the locals in the countries they’d stayed in, they had created several fusion recipes by mixing our Matcha powder with various local dishes.

So, what have they been up to so far this fall?

men eating naan

Well, during the last month, Sushi and Sambar traveled from Turkey to Iran—4,000 km worth of traveling on $0. Yes, you read that right. They hitchhiked on their folding bike and have lived and eaten thanks to the kindness and generosity of the people in the area, and the parks and mosques they’ve been able to stay in as well.

They traveled from Turkey to Mashad, which is near Turkmenistan, to give a TED talk. Unfortunately once they’d arrived, they learned the 2016 TED event “Seeds From the Future” had been pushed back three weeks. So they pushed on, and did another $0 traveling adventure, this time from Iran to Yerevan to give their TED talk on October 9th.

ted talk

Sushi and Sambar were at first nervous during the rehearsal, as they felt out of place being surrounded by scientists, innovators and others bright, innovative minds. But everyone was so down to earth, the young volunteering team there was energetic and helpful and they’d been feeling the Armenian hospitality from the day they arrived (October 7th).

Their talk and the event was a huge success. Sushi and Sambar loved all the great stories and ideas shared by all the speakers, and then they ended the night celebrating with everyone and their souvenirs from TEDx Armenia.

TEDx Armenica souvenirs

Sushi has also continued with her green tea project. In her words, “one of the memorable [experiences] in this trip.” She worked with a fellow TED speaker, who’s also a doctor in Armenia, and together with the Syrian Armenian chef from Aleppo, the chef in her cafe, they whipped up a tasty Armenian wedding food called Ghapama. And one of the ingredients they used to make their creation was our Matcha powder. We’re honored, and it looks delicious guys. Nice job!

Ghampama with matcha

Check back later to continue following Sushi and Sambar’s journey with us!

All images are from the Sushi & Sambar on the Silk Route Facebook page.

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