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Matcha Love

“I love Ujido Matcha. This is by far the highest quality matcha I’ve seen and tried on the market. It’s become my morning ritual and part of my breakfast protein smoothie. I feel so much more alert and focused without the coffee jitters. Perfect to keep me going and healthy. Big fan.”Chad R
“I’ve always been a huge green tea drinker, but I had a hard time finding pure and tasty green tea. Once I found Ujido’s Matcha, I haven’t gone back . I love having matcha lattes in the afternoon for an extra pick-me-up to get me through the rest of the day!”Molly C
…by far the best Matcha I’ve ever had. It gives me superior focus, clean energy, and doesn’t have the all too consistent coffee crash! Now I have Matcha mornings – every morning. I haven’t made a pot of coffee in over a month!”Matt M
“As a student studying to become a Physician Assistant, it’s hard to find a good substitute for coffee. Ujido’s matcha helps me stay focused in class and while studying without the awful let-down of sugars and other harsh chemicals from energy drinks. Plus it’s easy to mix and match for a winning breakfast beverage on the go.”Derrick M.