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Matcha Green Tea: A Superfood to Supercharge You!

Want to know a superfood that's proven to give you everything and more?

Matcha Green Tea is more than just a superfood. It's powerhouse of antioxidants gives you sustained energy, a boosted metabolism, optimal immunity, better focus and so much more.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but if not, it’s time you met one of the most potent superfoods that exists, containing more nutrients than you could imagine. Please read on…


Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea


• Packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCG that aids in the prevention of disease and counteracts the effects of ageing

• Rich in fiber and chlorophyll

• Contains beneficial vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium

• Acts as a natural detoxifier

• Boosts metabolism to burn more calories, even at rest

• Natural source of L-Theanine: Calms the mind and relaxes the body

• Enhances mood and aids in concentration

• Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar


What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha is a type of the Japanese Green Tea, a finely powdered tea used in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Although most Japanese Teas are made from tea leaves grown in tea fields with plenty of sunlight, Matcha tea leaves are grown in, so called, the Shaded Tea Field. Around 4 weeks before plucking tea leaves, the tea fields are covered from the top with the traditional straw screens or recently artificial fiber cloth to slowly and gradually decrease the amount of sunlight, and hence photosynthesis.


Why is the tea field shaded?


Here is the answer.


L-Theanine, Amino acids contained in green tea, is produced in the roots of the tea tree, and then moves into the leaves.

When exposed to sunlight, it transforms into a different element, Catechin.


By shading, tealeaves begin to crank out increasing amounts of both Chlorophyll L-Theanine that makes Matcha color nice and bright green, and gives its intense “Umami” taste. Then, tealeaves are handpicked with special care, and processed with traditional method with a long period of history right after they are picked.


Drinking Matcha means you have full benefits of Green Tea


Unlike regular steeped green tea, Matcha tea leaves are consumed whole mixed into liquid, or added in other ingredients as they are in very fine powder.


Green Tea tea leaves are exceptionally great source of not only antioxidants, but also other nutrients such as various vitamins, and minerals, however, over half of the nutrients contained in the tea leaves including Vitamin A, E, Chlorophyll, and Dietary Fiber are water insoluble.


Drinking Matcha means you have full benefits of Green Tea by taking both water soluble and insoluble nutrients.

The History of Matcha



Over 800 years ago a young Buddhist priest by the name Myōan Eisai left his native Japan on a spiritual journey for greater awareness and knowledge. Eisai returned to Japan with a new found philosophy called 'chan' and some unique tea seeds. Using the Chan philosophy Myōan Eisai created the Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism in Japan and become "Zen Master Eisai".

The Special Tea seeds were given to a learned Buddhist priest named Myoe Shonnin to plant on the grounds of a temple near Kyoto. These special tea leaves made a green tea powder called Matcha. The Buddhist monks found that Matcha had exceptional health and spiritual qualities and used this tea to increase focus and Chi energy for Zen meditation.

The Uji Way (Ujido)

During this time, Master Myoe discovered a sacred location with the perfect climate and soil to grow superior Matcha. The place was called Uji, located in the beautiful hills of southern Kyoto. Soon Uji gained the reputation of producing the finest Grown Matcha in all of Japan. The fame and quality of Uji-grown Matcha spread far and wide and even caught the attention of the most powerful ruler of that region: Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (builder of the Famous Zen Temple Kinkakuji in Kyoto).

Today Uji-grown Matcha is known as the highest quality Matcha in the world and is sought after by Matcha enthusiasts far and wide.


Who is Ujido?


Starting as a small green tea business, Ujido has been bringing the world authentic Japanese Tea from Uji (Kyoto) Japan for over 185 years.

Procure tea leaves directly from farmers

Ujido procures tea leaves directly from farmers, and have very strong relationship with them so that we source higher quality tea with the same cost as our competition.

Thorough Quality Control from farm to finished products.

Ujido does the production to finished products with thorough quality control including tea professionals' sensory testings, nutrition analysis, and bacteria testings.

Ujido's varieties of Matcha products


1st Harvest Matcha is considered as Ceremonial grade, and 2nd and later Harvest Matcha are Culinary grade. Ceremonial grade Matcha tastes the best, in vibrant green color, and has the most L-Theanine, but is the most expensive. Ceremonial grade Matcha is good for drinking as used in the formal tea ceremony. Culinary grade Matcha is good for cooking, but still there have differences in taste and color depending on harvest timings, so they are used in different way, for example, higher culinary grade Matcha is good for making chocolate, and lower culinary grade Matcha is good for baking.



Sweet Matcha - Sugar Free & Natural

A perfect sweet mixture of Ujido Matcha green tea and natural zero calorie sweeteners.

(Monk Fruit and NON GMO Erythritol).

It is easy to make cold/hot beverages with a single-serving packet at home, or while traveling.

Monk Fruit Sweetener Benefits

  • Zero calories and Natural
  • Zero glycemic index
  • Zero impact on blood sugar or insulin


Roasted Matcha

Ujido’s Roasted Matcha has smooth and mellow roasted flavor by going through a special additional production process, “Roasting”.

It is suitable as a side beverage during your meal as it clears your mouth and has a balancing effect for greasy meals.


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Matcha 2oz - Ujido - Japanese Matcha

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