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Ujido Matcha Green Tea


Ujido’s Matcha green tea is carefully sourced from the highest quality tea leaves cultivated and hand-picked at the farm in Uji, Kyoto Japan.

Discover why Muscle and Fitness Magazine claims matcha will “torch body fat” and why Dr. Oz says you can boost immunity, control stress and lose weight with one simple solution: Matcha Green Tea.

  • Increase energy levels and endurance
  • Nourish, stimulate and protect your brain
  • Enhance your overall mood
  • Aid detoxification with chlorophyll
  • Get 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea
  • Improve concentration and relaxed alertness
  • Stimulate your metabolism and support fat loss

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Why Matcha Works

Unparalleled Nutrition + Highest Antioxidant Levels

1 serving of Matcha = 10 servings of regularly brewed green tea. Because matcha is powderized tea leaves, you receive 100% of the nutrients in the leaf, offering you unparalleled nutrition. Plus matcha outmatches pretty much every other food for antioxidant value. What are antioxidants? They are a naturally occurring compound that prevents aging and chronic disease, touted for their cancer-fighting properties. On the ORAC scale (measuring antioxidant levels), Acai berries rate 1027… Goji berries rate 33. Matcha clocks in at a whopping 1348!

Cancer-Fighting Catechins

Unique to matcha, a particularly potent class of antioxidant – catechins – provide potent cancer-fighting properties. In particular, the catechin EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) counteracts the effects of free radicals from pollution, UV rays, radiation, chemicals, and can help prevent DNA damage. That’s why many experts are naming matcha a vital part of any anti-cancer diet and an excellent daily drink to help restore your body’s wellbeing and balance.

Your Best Weight-Loss Superfood

Time to fall in love with the green guy. Matcha can romance the fat right off your belly (and everywhere else!) when added to your daily routine. How? Well it’s already nearly calorie-free and it doesn’t stress the body, raise blood pressure or heart rate. Even though it delivers quite a caffeine punch for energy and focus, matcha won’t up your cortisol or spike your blood sugar.

Master Meditation or Dial in Productivity & Focus

Over a thousand years ago, matcha arrived in Japan hand in hand with zen buddhism. The Father of Zen, Master Eisai taught his monks how to cultivate green tea leaves in the way that produces superior nutritional content and they found that beginning each day in ceremony while drinking matcha led to more effective meditation. Now we know why!

Meet L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that promotes relaxation and wellbeing by interacting with brain functioning. L-Theanine is common in many teas, yet matcha contains up to five times more of this amino acid than other teas. Other benefits of L-Theanine include improved memory, learning and focus. That’s why you can enjoy that caffeine kick without the jitters or nervous energy coffee often produces: This amino acid inhibits those side-effects.

Effortless & Automatic Detox Anyone?

If you’ve ever done a detox, you know that it can be an intense and harrowing process. We highly recommend it, but sometimes, particularly during the holidays, you want to stay healthy without revolving your life around a strict regimen of herbs, juices, bathroom breaks and holy-moly-I-could-eat-my-couch cravings. That’s where matcha saves the day yet again. If you wondered what made this superfood such a robust, vibrant green – it’s the chlorophyll. And chlorophyll rocks as a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate chemicals and heavy metals from the body. Because matcha is shade-grown and carefully cultivated, it is substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas.

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Suggested Use
Use 1/2 to 1 tsp of Ujido per 8oz liquid. Mix into hot water or milk (we recommend almond or coconut, but you can use your favorite milk). Use a matcha whisk for best results. You can also use an inversion blender, blender bottle, or regular blender to mix. Sweeten if desired. Works with cold beverage, too!

Matcha makes the perfect addition to any fruit or protein smoothies. It provides a mellow caffeine boost, allowing you to energize without getting the jitters or the post-coffee crash. Several suggested flavors to combine with include any berry (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry), or banana. Try Ujido in pre-workout smoothies as well!

Breakfast Cereal
Want a way to spice up your oatmeal or breakfast cereal, and get that morning boost? Add Matcha! Ujido is an excellent addition to your breakfast providing energy, focus and endurance for the day. The flavors combine very well with oatmeal, granola and even cold cereals. Make your morning more exciting by adding Ujido to your breakfast.

Cooking & Baking
Matcha is taking the cooking world by storm. Chefs are creating new and exciting Matcha recipes online every day. A simple search will blow you away with the number of unique, amazing and delicious concoctions you can create with Ujido. The rich flavors and bold green color are perfect for cooking interesting dishes and desserts. Ujido is a highly versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

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