Thomas DeLauer's Favorite Matcha

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Matcha You Can Trust

  • Thomas is known in the fitness, weight loss, and keto worlds because he researches as hard as he hits the gym.
  • Ujido has been doing matcha right for over 185 years in Uji, the birthplace of matcha.

Zero Net Carbs

  • Sweetened or unsweetened, all Ujido matcha has zero net carbs.
  • Sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, and/or erythritol, so you have nothing to fear from indulging your sweet tooth.
  • Unsweetened options.

Versatility You Need

  • Keto friendly with zero net carbs.
  • Fast ready to satisfy cravings, energy needs, and burn more.
  • Pre-workout to boost energy levels and fat burning.
  • Recovery drink with super antioxidants

Use Code: THOMASD20
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What Thomas is Saying

"Ujido changed the way I look at matcha. It’s ingrained into my daily habits now. The moment I get to the office, I’m mixing up a cup. You know it’s high quality matcha when it mixes almost instantly with water (hot or cold) because it is so finely ground and has no other components to it. I’m never looking back and I will never let myself run out!"


What Other People Say

"Awesomeness! This was a great addition to my morning tea and even better with coconut milk frothed in on top! Will definitely buy again!"

"Quit coffee a couple months ago so naturally I'm addicted to matcha. My adrenals are less fried and I'm sleeping better! I've been buying this for several weeks now and I love it!"

"This tea is worth every penny. This is truly a superfood and I wouldn't be without it. Even cured the stomach pain I'd been wrestling with for years."

Use Code: THOMASD20
For 20% Off Everything!

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Use Code: THOMASD20
For 20% Off Everything!