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Ceremonial matcha is perfect for teas and lattes. Simply whisk into hot water or your favorite hot milk to enjoy the mellow, sweet flavor of pure matcha.


Matcha Grades

Unique matcha products you can only find through Ujido. Energizing, sweet, blended with superfoods, we have them all.

All our matcha is grown with eco-friendly tradition. Japan and organic are fairly new to one another, but we do have certified organic matcha.

Premium whole leaf green teas made for steeping out the flavor. Add them to hot water or make your own tea bags.

Summer harvested matcha is super nutritious, though not as mellow or sweet, making it the perfect addition to baking, cooking, smoothies, and more.

Matcha preparation is an art form. We have exactly what you need to mix your matcha right every time.

    Unsure what you want? We have you covered with samples, so you can try things out, experiment, and find what you like.