Fun Fall Activities Autumn Ideas

30 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy Now

  1. Visit a Corn Maze

These pop up all over the country as it gets cooler. Many are intricate, some are challenging, and all are good fun. Go get lost today.

  1. Chili Cook-Off

There is something special about chili in the Fall. Many people have a tradition of making chili before Trick or Treating so full kids are less likely to eat all the candy before they get home.

  1. Enjoy the Changing Leaves

If you live in an area where Fall results in changing leaves, go and see them before they are gone. Take a ride up the mountains, drive around your neighborhood, or take a weekend trip to where the colors are everywhere.

  1. Take a Hike

Hikes are great year-round, but they become a special treat when the air is crisp, the trees are colorful, and the days are still warm enough. Get outside and walking.

  1. Take a Hayride

Fall is a great time to enjoy a hayride with friends, family, or that one you love. There are types of hayrides for every need. Romantic solo ones, haunted and scary ones, and daylight ones with sights to see.

  1. Make Cider

Hot apple cider makes the holidays better. Whether it is a hot matcha cider, wassail, Mexican ponche, or a spiked variation is up to you.

  1. Go to a Haunted House

Tis the season for scares and chills, so lean into it by visiting a haunted house. Many of these support local charities or drive local business too, so bonus.

  1. Decorate for Fall

Whether you are one to put up colorful leaves, stalks of corn, and flannel or they type to break out skulls, fake blood, and spiders, now is the time to decorate your porches and homes appropriately to your distinct flavors.

  1. Enjoy the Halloween Décor

Take a drive around the fancy and festive neighborhoods that go all out. Ooooh and aaaaww at what they have done with their lights and decorations this year.

  1. Visit a Haunted Hotel

If you believe in the paranormal or not, haunted hotels are a fun and spooky way to celebrate the season. Find one online and give it a go as a mini vacation or even staycation if you find one close to home.

  1. Go on a Ghost Tour

Most medium to large cities offer a ghost tour or two. These guided tours fill you in on history, lore, and eyewitness accounts. They are a fun way to get to know your city better.

  1. Make Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is another happy way to heat yourself up this Fall. There are so many variations. Have fun with them and try a few.

  1. Get Cozy Inside

The Danish have a word for this: hygge. Light a fire in the fireplace, gather soft blankets, add in pillows, throw together some comforting food, and stay in today doing as little as possible. Watch a show, enjoy a book, do a home facial, but stay cozy and happy.

  1. Light the Fire Pit or a Bonfire

Don’t have a fireplace? Take it outside. This is also a great time to break out the ghost stories.

  1. Take a Train Ride

Fall is an excellent time to see more of the country. Hop on a train and let it do the driving as you wind through forests, mountains, fields, and cities.

  1. Jump in a Pile of Leaves

An autumn favorite for good reasons. It is fun and can only be done when the leaves begin changing and falling. Rake them up, jump in, and toss them in the air. You can make it extra fun by hiding treasures inside for the kids to find.

  1. Go to a Farmers’ Market

Fall harvests are amazing. Hit up a farmers’ market to get the best fall produce and goodies. Pumpkins, candy apples, squash, soup ingredients, and more are waiting for you.

  1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is the time to visit pumpkin patches and pick out your favorites. Many have additional activities for kids and adults.

  1. Carve or Decorate Pumpkins

After picking out your pumpkins, get the looking their best. Paint, carve, glue, plaster with stickers, break out the googly eyes, or do what you like.

  1. Get to a Bed and Breakfast

Autumn is when nature begins slowing down and taking some breaks. Why not do the same? Treat yourself to a weekend escape where the leaves are changing.

  1. Try an Escape Room

Many escape rooms take on an autumnal theme this time of year. Spooky paranormal or murder mysteries await your keen mind to unravel.

  1. Make Soup

It’s hard to get your hygge on without comfort foods, so get making the best savory soups to keep you warm and happy all day. Pumpkin and squash are in theme, but any soup you enjoy is welcome.

  1. Make a Matcha Latte

Matcha lattes should enjoy a place amongst other hot drinks, like cider, pumpkin spice, hot chocolate, ponche, and wassail. Make one to get warm and cozy today.

  1. Have a Movie Marathon

Scary movies are a part of the season, but you can enjoy any type of movies for your autumnal marathon. Take it outside with a projector to take advantage of the chilly nights for cuddling.

  1. Go on a Picnic

Parks are relatively bug free as the days get cooler, so it makes sense to go picnicking around now. Bring warm blankets and warm foods.

  1. Get Wine Tasting

Wineries and breweries often have special events in the Fall. Go try some autumn themed wines and beers. Yes, pumpkin beer is a thing.

  1. Break Out the Sweaters

Another hygge moment, squirming into a cozy sweater you haven’t been able to wear for almost a year.

  1. Take a Balloon Ride

Fall makes for crisp, cool mornings that are perfect for hot air ballooning. The still air creates a smoother ride and you can enjoy the changing leaves from a new perspective. It makes a great date too.

  1. Get Your Halloween Costume

Now is the moment to get your costume ready for Halloween. Whether that means shopping, sewing, crafting, or breaking out the power tools is all up to you and your skillsets/needs. You are running out of time to make it perfect.

  1. Go Camping

The air is clear, the stars are calling, and the sleeping bags are warm, so why not get out in nature and enjoy it all. This time of year makes camping so much more memorable as the leaves fall, the bugs bite less, and the fires feel nicer.