Ujido will be happy to replace any item(s) in the following circumstances:

  • Product is received in damaged packaging

  • Product is received spoiled

  • Product is NOT the item ordered per order records



  • Refunds are ONLY available within 30 days of product receipt

  • In unique situations, a pre-paid shipping label may be provided for returns

  • Refunds can only be credited to originating credit card

  • We do not offer a refund for products not purchased directly from our website,


What can be returned? How much am I refunded?

  • Any unopened product for 100% refund within 30 days

  • Opened product for 50% refund within 30 days

  • Spoiled product or unusual circumstances* that Ujido requests you to return. Refund amount will be determined on a case by case basis.

  • An item returned to Ujido due to customer providing incorrect address is eligible for a 100% PRODUCT refund LESS the shipping charges.


When will I received my refund?

When our warehouse receives the item and notifies us (We are notified of ALL returns to the warehouse.)


What happens if I want a product that was returned to the warehouse because I provided an incorrect address

  • When the order is received by the warehouse, your product purchase will be refunded 100% if it is received in whole condition.
  • You will then place a new order and pay the full amount of the product and shipping charges.
  • NO Shipping charges will be refunded due to customer address error


Ujido is NOT responsible for:

  • Undeliverable products due to incorrect address information provided by you

  • Packages not delivered by an assumed delivery date

  • Product damage or loss from shipments being returned to the freight location  


We wish we could guarantee 100% proper handling and prompt receipt of packages by third party carriers (UPS, FedEx or USPS). Once product leaves our warehouse, these factors are out of our control.