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Where do the tea leaves come from?

Is your product organic? Why is one product organic and another not? Why

What is the difference between Organic versus Non-Organic Matcha?

How can our prices be so competitive?

How do you know which Matcha to buy?

What is the difference between the difference types of Matcha?

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How do you store Matcha?

What is a safe daily amount of Matcha to consume in one day to experience the benefits of this product?

Nutritional Information

How much caffeine is in the Matcha?

What is the amount of catechins per serving?

How much fluoride is in Ujido Matcha?

What are the benefits of Monk Fruit Sweetener?

Quality Assurance

Have you done heavy metal testing?

Is your Matcha tested for radiation?

How is Ujido Matcha different from Chinese Matcha?

How long is matcha good for? Can it last past the expiration date on the package?