5 Things That Make Ujido Matcha the Best Matcha

5 Things That Make Ujido Matcha Green Tea Number 1

If you’re new to Matcha green tea and are trying to figure out which green tea is the best to buy, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. A simple online search of “where to buy matcha green tea” brings up numerous pages of green tea brands and shops to buy from.

But there’s really only one brand you need to know—Ujido. Ujido is committed to producing high-quality Japanese Matcha tea that makes it the best green tea you can buy. And to prove our point, here are five things that make Ujido’s Matcha green tea the No. 1 tea you want to buy.

1. Ujido has been growing and selling Matcha for over 185 years in Uji, Japan, the birthplace of Matcha.

We’re not a company that’s brand new to the world of Japanese green tea or matcha. We are not chasing a trend. Our family heritage rests in green tea and matcha. It is who we are.

Back in 1832, a Japanese tea farmer started a tea business in Kyoto, Japan—that farmer was a member of our family. And for more than 185 years, each generation in our family has continued to produce first-rate matcha green tea and bring the authentic Japanese green tea tradition and taste to tea drinkers throughout the world.

2. Our tea leaves are grown in an authentic covered tea garden for highest nutrition, L-Theanine, catechins, and EGCG. Then stone ground.

Matcha is considered a superfood because it’s loaded with health benefits, such as having a high percentage of antioxidants that fight cell damage, boosting metabolism, lowering cholesterol, increasing energy levels, and more. But some green tea leaves aren’t properly grown, causing them to miss out on the full list of matcha benefits.

Knock-off Chinese matcha tea leaves aren’t grown in the shade and are not tue matcha. Ujido Matcha is grown in a covered tea garden. When grown in the shade, the green color of the tea leaves, as well as the flavor and nutritional benefits, are better preserved. Sun exposure converts sweet and focus enhancing L-Theanine into tannins, making it less effective and more bitter.

Our matcha is then stone ground to preserve the delicate ingredients, flavors, and color. This is the traditional way.

3. Matcha is the choice of the imperial families and Zen Buddhist monks.

While green tea is now known as a Japanese thing, the first tea plant seeds were actually brought to Japan from China nearly 800 years ago by a Buddhist priest named Myoan Eisai who was from Japan. Eisai actually introduced Zen and Matcha to Japan. After Eisai presented the making and drinking of this ground green tea called matcha and became Zen Master Eisai, all Buddhist monks at Zen monasteries began drinking Matcha for its healing properties.

As for the imperial families, Matcha at one point was exclusively drank by the imperial family. Today, the imperial family still enjoys drinking matcha during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

4. Ujido ensures high-quality control and low bacteria count.

At Ujido, we work hard, day in and day out, to ensure that our customers are happy with our product. To do that we practice high-quality control, checking and double checking that our matcha tea is grown in the best environment, only the finest leaves are picked and that they’re then carefully stone ground to produce superior matcha green tea that has a low bacterial count. We do this so our green tea doesn’t just taste good, but so it’s good for you.

5. Tea leaves are 100% genuinely hand picked.

In today’s world, we want food fast and we need lots of it. That’s why many farmers and companies use high-tech machinery to plant, pick and prepare the foods we eat. But at Ujido, we’re more focused on quality, so we put extra care into picking our tea leaves. That’s why Ujido only hand picks the finest Matcha tea leaves from our covered tea garden.

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