7 Benefits of Combining Matcha & Collagen (Plus Stevia)

7 Benefits of Combining Matcha & Collagen (Plus Stevia)

We recently shared all the many benefits of collagen here. We’ve also shared the benefits of matcha many times. But we haven’t had an opportunity to talk about the mutual benefits of these powerful ingredients combined. There is something special about this synergistic blend of superfoods.

Hair, Skin & Nails

Most people know that collagen can have big effects on hair, skin, and nails by improving strength and elasticity. What you may not know is that green tea, especially matcha can do amazing things in this department too. Matcha supplies antioxidant vitamins and minerals that improve complexion and feed healthy skin cells. It does the same for hair.

Bone, Joint & Muscle

Collagen is a big part of what makes bones strong, not brittle. It also goes into joints, cartilage, ligaments, and muscle fiber. Matcha has been linked to preventing bone loss as we age. It also helps muscles do more during workouts and recover faster. The antioxidants in green tea protect against damage while reducing inflammation too.

Anti-Aging & Damage Protection

This is a big reason people use collagen, to look and feel younger longer. Matcha plays a huge role in stalling aging at the cellular level as well, protecting DNA against solar, environmental, and metabolic damage. Concentrated antioxidants, catechins, and EGCG make matcha the perfect food for protecting mind and body, not just skin deep.

Cleansing & Detox

Collagen isn’t known for big cleansing or detox abilities. Good thing matcha is. It is packed with fiber that is vital in cleaning digestive house. A healthy gut is a big part of healthy skin. Matcha also contains a ton of chlorophyll, which helps clean, deodorize, renew, refresh, and remove toxins inside and out.

Weight Management

Collagen can help with craving control and calorie reduction, but it gets a huge boost when combined with matcha. Matcha speeds metabolism, burns fat, boosts energy levels, and bolsters exercise. Matcha is naturally sweeter and milder than regular green tea, so it can be consumed at low calories, even when not sweetened with zero net carb sweeteners. Matcha is perfect for any lifestyle, diet, or fast.

Interior & Exterior Effects

Both collagen and matcha do wonders internally. So, go ahead and enjoy them in matcha lattes, teas, smoothies, and more. But you should also know they do a lot externally too. Try them together in masks, sugar scrubs, baths, and hair conditionings. Looking for recipes? Try these.

Stevia Bonus

Our Matcha Collagen is sweetened with stevia, a plant extract that doesn’t add calories. You will be happy to know that stevia has some powerful skin benefits too. It inhibits bacteria, reduces inflammation, clears acne, and prevents wrinkles, especially when used topically. It may sound strange to apply anything with a sweetener to your skin, especially your face, but this natural plant extract is practically made for it. Enjoy!