Matcha Recipes not Tea

8 Ways to Get the Health Boost of Matcha Without Drinking Tea

What if you want the taste and health benefits of Matcha, but you don’t want to drink tea all the time? You can still have it all by enjoying Matcha powder in another form. Try these eight foods and drinks that contain Matcha powder to gain its delectable taste and health-boosting antioxidants when it’s too hot for tea or you’re “all tea’d-out.”

1. Soba Noodles
You can find Matcha-flavored soba noodles if you want something different from the usual. Soba noodles are crafted out of buckwheat flour, sometimes with wheat included, and the Matcha enhances the flavor. Use the noodles in place of spaghetti or in soups, stir-fries or similar dishes.

2. Candy and Desserts
Matcha is used to flavor certain Japanese desserts and candies. For instance, it’s sometimes used as flavoring in monaka Japanese treats that feature bean jam beneath wafers, castella Japanese sponge cake and manju bean paste candy. Often, Matcha is added to the Japanese sweets known as wagashi, which are served with tea. Many treats outside of Japan are also flavored with Matcha; this includes sweets such as cakes, mousse, ice cream and cookies.

3. Green Tea Alcohol
Small craft beers are incredibly popular today, offering a variety of unique flavors. Some brewers offer the taste of Matcha in their green tea craft beer. There are also different alcohol brands that offer Matcha liqueur for you to enjoy on its own or within a cocktail.

4. Mochi
Sometimes, mochi is flavored with Matcha. Mochi is a Japanese pounded and molded rice cake that people eat all the time, but especially for the Japanese New Year.

5. Matcha-jio
Matcha is mixed with salt to make up the Matcha-jio seasoning, which is used to flavor tempura — a Japanese fried food made with seafood or alternatively with vegetables. You could also sprinkle this seasoning on meat and various dishes or snacks.

6. Lattes
Starbucks came up with a green tea latte for tea drinkers to enjoy a foamy, comforting latte like their espresso-drinking counterparts. This version of a latte includes Matcha powder and foamed milk.

7. Iced Drinks
Matcha doesn’t only have to be served hot when in drink form. Instead, you could create an iced drink with the powder. Try mixing it with milk and ice cream into a milkshake or blending a Matcha tea smoothie, whether letting its flavor shine or mixing it with fruits, vegetables or other ingredients.

8. Make-Your-Own Matcha Goodies
You can easily include the flavor of Matcha within a variety of baked goods, such as cupcakes, cookies, scones and brownies. All you need to do is add some Matcha powder to the recipe. Also, Mary Squillace points out on that you can prepare a variety of meals and beverages with a touch of Matcha powder. She suggests adding it to an Arnold Palmer drink, granola, coffee, miso soup and other dishes. See it as a seasoning and have fun with it.
These different foods and beverages are often made from culinary-grade Matcha, whereas you would use ceremonial-grade Matcha if you were having a special tea ceremony. As you can see, there is plenty to do with Matcha aside from drinking a cup of tea. Follow Matcha recipes, search for Matcha-flavored products and try spicing up some of your favorite dishes with the powder!