Frost Prevention Matcha Green Tea Fields

Frost Prevention in Tea Fields

In early spring, frost falls and damages the shoot tips of the first crop. Frost damage is critical, and it is something needs to be very careful when cultivating tea. Tea can bear the cold weather, but can't stand the frost. Sometimes, leaves can be frost damaged even the temperature is not that low. That does not mean tea is not able to bear the cold weather. Tea actually can handle quite well the cold weather. For example, if the temperature drops to -10 degrees Celsius during January, tea can bear up to 2 hours without getting damaged. However, during March, when new tender buds are started to bloom, they are vulnerable.

Tea can be easily damaged during this time, and after the buds are moistened to get ready for picking, tea becomes very delicate. Even -2 degrees Celsius climate can damage whole teas on the farm. When a migratory anticyclone covers the sky and not windy, the radiated cooling can be occurred easily, which cause the temperature of ground surface drop greatly during the evening. To avoid this critical situation electrical fan can be used for mixing the warm and cold air.