Afternoon Energy Boost Matcha Coffee

Get an Afternoon Energy Boost Without Coffee

Many people turn to coffee when they experience that all-too-common energy crash during the afternoon hours. Maybe the coffee helps, but its pick-me-up effects are often quick and then you experience another crash. You might also feel jittery and generally not that great from your afternoon cup of Joe. If you feel like coffee is your only option despite the negative way it makes you feel in the afternoon, try a nice cup of Matcha tea instead. It’s a better choice to get over that afternoon energy crash and keep going with your day.

Why Is Matcha Tea Better in the Afternoon?
You might think that sipping some tea is basically the equivalent of enjoying a cup of coffee, but there’s more to Matcha tea than your personal preference for its taste. It also gives you some health benefits that could help with that afternoon energy slump. Part of the problem in the afternoon is that your mind feels sluggish and unclear. Matcha helps that with its ability to help your brain focus and think. At the same time, it’s beneficial to your body, providing a nice unwinding effect while also rejuvenating.

The amino acids contained in this kind of tea provide stimulation, energy and a boosted metabolism. While Matcha tea gives about the same amount of caffeine as coffee — which helps with its stimulating effects — it balances out the caffeine with some of its other attributes. You are also gaining valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from each sip that help your body carry out its basic functions. And the tea offers protein, fats and carbohydrates — which are all sources of energy for your body. Unlike with other kinds of tea that are steeped, you are drinking all the nutrients contained in the ground-up tea leaves by drinking Matcha tea.

With all of these benefits, you get a nice boost without all the jitters of coffee.

Snacks With Your Beverage
Another part of the energy equation is that people tend to pair their afternoon coffee with something sugary. Maybe it’s a donut, a pastry or a candy bar. This kind of pairing just adds to your problem, with the quick-running energy of sugar that will lead to a major crash shortly after. The combination of jitters and sugar highs and lows can be too much for your body and mind – and it definitely doesn’t give you the extended and feel-good pick-me-up you were after.

But when you grab some Matcha tea, you’ll be starting off healthier than if you had gone for the cup of coffee. One healthy choice often leads to another, so your choice of having Matcha tea might get you to think about what you’re consuming. Pair it with some protein, fiber-rich grains and healthy fats that will give you the long-term energy that really makes a difference to get you through the day. Try mixed nuts, chocolate with a high cocoa count, low-sugar yogurt and/or other similarly healthy snacks. Combinations are best for energy, such as fruit with nuts, whole grains with peanut butter or hummus, or yogurt with granola. Also, Matcha has more substance to it than coffee with its carbohydrates, proteins and fats, so you might eat less.

The next time you need a jump of energy in the afternoon, change your routine and try some Matcha tea. See how good it makes you feel.