Essential Oils for Mother's Day

Giving Mom the Essentials (oils) this Mother’s Day

After all the hard work 364 days out of the year, most moms will agree that one day set aside just for her is a well-deserved treat. Breakfast in bed, nice cards, and gifts are usually part of the day, however, the best thing for any mom is relaxing and taking a break from the routines of motherhood.

Help mom make the best of her special day with the relaxing aid of essential oils. And their uses extend beyond Mother’s Day. Whether caring for her children, taking time for herself, or improving her family’s health, these oils were definitely made with a mother in mind.

Essential Oils Variety
  • Peppermint – This oil has many benefits, from helping keep mom alert and focused on relieving headaches. It can even help with digestion! Mom will appreciate the boost in alertness throughout the day, keeping headaches at bay, and keeping her gut in check. It’s never fun for anyone when mom isn’t feeling well!

  • Chamomile – To counteract the invigorating peppermint oil and help mom wind down at the end of a busy day, chamomile oil calms and soothes. Add it to her pillow at night to help relax her mind when she is ready to sleep after being pampered all day. Chamomile also helps keeps mom’s skin healthy and glowing while reducing inflammation, blemishes, and stress.

  • Lavender – To go along with relaxation, lavender oil can hold its own too. This oil, when applied to the bottom of your feet before bed, calms the rest of the body and helps it to relax after the busiest of days.

  • Tea Tree – This oil aids a variety of ailments, from bacterial infections, like when mom treats a child’s cut after a minor fall or accident, to help keep dry scalp away. Tea tree oil is a mother’s best friend for so many scrapes, rashes, and more!

No matter what oil you give, mom will appreciate the thought and care that you give her and her health this Mother’s Day. For more details on how oils can help anyone anytime, check out our friend Dr. Z’s new book  “The Essential Oils Diet’.

( Another great gift for Mother’s Day.)