Coffee might be the go-to for many to get their day going, but it can be quite addictive and, when it is made with dairy and sugar, can be detrimental to your overall health. Thankfully, Ujido Matcha Green Tea provides the boost you need to start your day with so many other wonderful health benefits.

What is Ujido Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha Green Tea is a non-fermented Japanese tea, made from Camellia Sinensis. The flavor of this tea comes from the fact that the leaves are not fermented and that they are grown in the shade during the last stage of the growth process. This helps to increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves and gives it its distinct flavor.

One of the most wonderful things about Ujido Matcha Green Tea is that it comes in powdered form, rather than a steepable bag or crushed leaves. This means that you are able to ingest the entire leaf, taking full advantage of the nutrients and other benefits of green tea.

Choose Matcha Green Tea over Energy Drinks

It can be tempting to consume caffeinated beverages to “help” when you haven’t had the sleep you need and you need a little something to get through the day. These drinks are full of sugar, chemicals, artificial dyes and preservatives. The amount of caffeine in energy drinks is dangerously high, as well. Learn more about how Matcha Green Tea is a healthier alternative:

Rich in Antioxidants

Green tea is considered a superfood, meaning it has a very high level of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. These antioxidants have a number of wonderful health benefits including:

  • Regulation of the blood flow throughout the brain and body
  • Preventing damage to cells and deterioration of DNA
  • Lower risk of a wide range of health problems

Ujido Matcha Aids in Weight Loss

The catechins in Matcha Green Tea have been shown to cause a reduction in body fat, when consumed on a daily basis. They also are known to regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings. Additionally, antioxidant properties in the tea can help boost metabolism and increase the amount of fat which is burned.

Ujido Matcha Anti-Cancer Properties

The chlorophyll and catechins found in Matcha Green Tea have been shown to have amazing anti-cancer properties. Chlorophyll is known to bind with certain molecules that cause cancer. Catechins and polyphenols have been shown to slow the growth of tumors and cancer cells. They also can help protect against damage from UVB radiation.

How to Use Ujido Matcha Green Tea

There are any number of ways that Ujido Matcha Green Tea can be prepared. Of course, it naturally makes a wonderful hot or cold beverage on its own! You can add it to your favorite smoothie recipe for a boost of antioxidants. You can add it to many recipes to increase their nutrients and health benefits, as well.

It also makes a wonderful latte when you’re in the mood for a delicious treat.

If you’re ready to see all the amazing benefits of Matcha Green Tea, you can head over to Ujido’s website to order.

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