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5 Matcha Recipes to Replace Coffee and Sweets

We all suffer from addictions, but among the most common are coffee and sweets. While they give us the kick we need to get through a busy day, relying on them too heavily can make us unhealthy, strung-out, tired, and even more stressed than we were before we ate them. If you’re looking to break that cycle, you’re not alone.

Enter matcha. This superfood is made from the same plant that gives us green tea, white tea, and black tea (among a few other variations), but is grown and harvested much more carefully. It is processed without using heat, and its leaves are grown in shade to prevent the sun’s rays from destroying vital nutrients. This health food can supply the boost you get from coffee and treats while helping you vary your diet and take in more antioxidants.
Below you’ll find five awesome recipes, all easy to make, all healthy substitutes for your current daily fixes. Give them a go.

1. Matcha Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast bowls are all the rage these days, and really, what’s not to like? A smoothie you can eat with a spoon makes breakfast a little slower and a little more peaceful. Try this matcha yogurt bowl, which combines Greek yogurt and matcha powder with a little natural sweetener such as honey or syrup. Topped with blood oranges and walnuts, it’s a full meal that will keep you going for hours.

2. Matcha Latte

Everyone loves a frothy latte, and matcha is just as soothing and wonderful a base for creamy steamed milk as coffee is. Plus, you can make this delicious matcha latte using almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, or cow’s milk. A touch of agave syrup to taste makes this light sweet treat the perfect replacement for the calorie-intensive version you might get at the coffee shop.

3. Matcha Popsicles

Mild, creamy avocado pairs excellently with almond milk and matcha in this refreshing afternoon treat, perfect for sunny summer days or overheated winter offices. The healthy fat from the avocado will keep you full until your next meal, while the slight sweetness offered by honey makes it a treat.

4. Matcha Smoothie

If what you really want is a cooling drink with a kick, swap out the high-cal frozen coffee drink with a matcha, kale, and peach smoothie. Ginger, banana and almond milk add super nutrition to this delicious blended beverage, while the matcha gives you the energy to get through a busy morning or a hectic afternoon.

5. Matcha Tea

Of course, you can also drink matcha on its own. Sometimes when you’re looking for a treat, all you really want is to relax and take a moment to yourself. The soothing ceremony surrounding matcha preparation can help you do just that. Next time you feel stressed or low, boil some water, get out your whisk and make yourself a nice cup of healthy (but still caffeinated!) tea.

If you’re hoping to eat fewer sweets and drink less coffee, don’t rely on willpower alone. Instead, swap these healthier recipes into your daily rotation so you can fall back on them when you really need a fix.