7 Ways Matcha Aids in Weight Loss

7 Ways Matcha Aids in Weight Loss or Maintenance

Many of us are chasing easier ways to lose or maintain weight. There is no magic bullet, but there are a ton of way you can boost your metabolism, burn fat, and lose weight while you eat sensibly and exercise. Making that process any easier is well worth it, and matcha manages to make it easier in more than a few ways.

Or, perhaps, you are quite happy where you are. That's great too! Own it and maintain it with extra energy, endurance, and strength building power. Matcha can help with that as well.

Long-Term Energy

Unlike coffee, pre-workouts, energy drinks, and many sodas, matcha does not result in a spike and crash. The L-Theanine, catechins, fiber, and antioxidants in matcha help extend the energy release. Expect a solid boost to your oomph that lasts without getting jittery or tired later.

Metabolism Booster

The combination of antioxidants and natural caffeine seem to have a beneficial effect on metabolism. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, matcha increases thermogenesis by as much as 40% for 24 hours after consuming it. This means your body is burning more calories, even while doing nothing. Think how this could affect your exercise!

Fat Blocker

EGCG is one of the special antioxidant catechins in matcha that is gaining attention. It has the ability to block fat cell production and combat obesity. One double blind trial showed significant weight loss, reduced BMI, and lower cholesterol levels for women who drink matcha.

Endurance Enhancer

The boost to energy, thermogenesis, and fat burning also has a dramatic effect on endurance. You can push yourself longer and harder while those antioxidants protect muscle cells from oxidative stress. Combine matcha with ginger and you can expect a speedy recovery on top of bolstered endurance.

Focus Increaser

Focus and motivation are hard things to come by when it comes to exercising, but matcha can help. The large amounts of L-Theanine and catechins, especially in ceremonial grades, increase alpha wave production for a pleasant sense of calm, energized focus that is unique to matcha. This increased focus can be directed at exercise for a more productive workout. It also helps reduce stress, which can affect weight too.

Appetite Control

A cup of matcha tea or a mug of matcha latte can ease hunger pangs. EGCG can help control glucose levels, which affect cravings. Balanced blood sugar means a happier, healthier system, along with a normalized appetite.

Keto & Fast Friendly

Matcha is naturally low in calories. It is a powdered leaf dissolved in water after all. It is mostly plant fiber, antioxidants, and chlorophyll. Even sweetened matcha is often zero net carbs, if natural zero calorie sweeteners are used. Look for monk fruit, erythritol, and stevia. These do not affect ketosis, fasts, blood sugar, or insulin. This makes it easy to enjoy a sweet, frothy treat, even in the midst of a keto diet or water fast.