7 Ways to Find and Keep Your Motivation

7 Ways to Find and Keep Your Motivation

Motivation is one of our most elusive commodities. We need it to do just about everything worthwhile, from work and creativity to eating well and exercise. But how do we make more of it? Where is it hiding? Are there ways to increase our motivation? We have a few answers for you with seven ways to up your oomph and get stuff done!

  1. Get Outside – Nature has a grounding, recentering effect on mind and body. Exposure to fresh air, sunlight, green plants, and blue sky has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and aid in focus. Take a moment to stare at the clouds or the stars and top off your tank or recapture some motivation with a simple walk in the great outdoors.

  2. Include a Friend – Motivation is often found in accountability. Get a workout partner, a buddy willing to check in on your progress once a week, or a group with similar goals, so you can hold each other accountable. There are online meetups or local groups of all kinds.

  3. Get Started – Motivation comes from motivation. This makes it feel impossible to find when you’re at zero and looking at a daunting goal, but it is as simple as taking that first step. Scrape together all your energy and begin. You will find more motivation as you go. Whether you’re writing a novel, hitting the gym, preparing a week of meals, you can focus on the first word, getting into your workout clothes, or chopping that first carrot. More will come.

  4. Make it Fun – Turn whatever task is sucking your motivation into a game, something fun. If you can’t, then make sure you take a moment now and again to do something that is fun. You’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to go back to work.

  5. Treat Yo’Self – Much like making it fun, you can reward yourself for steps along the way. Pick a favorite activity, small treat, or other prizes to give yourself for milestones along the way. You’ll always have something to look forward to, which is an amazing way to keep motivation high. Just keep your treats healthy or small enough you aren’t undoing your progress.

  6. Calm Your Mind – Nothing kills motivation like that overwhelmed feeling that comes with looking at the whole task ahead in despair. Take a moment to calm yourself. Breathe deeply, practice meditation, or sip tea while you focus on just the parts of that task you can do today. You can find extra calming in certain teas like chamomile, matcha, and passionflower.

  7. Forgive Yourself – Forgive yourself often and quickly. You’re going to have missteps. Everyone does. Letting one setback unravel all your motivation isn’t healthy or fair. Avoid negative self-talk and try to speak to yourself like you would a good friend in the same situation. 

This list is in no way complete. You can also increase your motivation by seeking out others who have succeeded for inspiration, doing research, writing down your goals, keeping what you want to accomplish visually in front of yourself each day, or even listening to music that gets your blood pumping. What other ways do you find and keep motivation? We’d love to know.