8 Ways Matcha is Perfect for Back to School

8 Ways Matcha is Perfect for Back to School

It’s time for people to head back to school. Whether you are helping your littles or going to college yourself, matcha may be a big help. Here are all the myriad ways this energizing beverage can come to your scholarly rescue.

  1. Great Start – Matcha is replacing coffee in the morning for many for good reason. It contains caffeine in only slightly smaller amounts than the usual go-to beverage to wake ourselves up. There’s enough to get us moving, but not enough to leave us jittery. That energy lift also lasts longer and tapers off slower thanks to the surplus of L-Theanine.

  2. Study Aid – The L-Theanine has another major benefit for the brain. It gives you a sense of focus that is perfectly suited for the learning process. And if you have to stay up for a late-night cram session, matcha is way healthier than an energy drink or soda.

  3. Afternoon Lift – Most of us experience some brain fog, fatigue, and mental decline around the afternoon. Many of us pick up a soda or another coffee, but matcha just might be the better choice. Once again, that L-Theanine makes the caffeine come on gentler, last longer, and avoid the crash.

  4. Stress Relief – School is stressful. It’s a lot for your mind and body all at once. Matcha is packed with antioxidants that aid the body with stress, plus L-Theanine which has been linked to an improved mood, better sleep, and less anxiety.

  5. Testing Friend – There have been many a major study that shows L-Theanine and caffeine together improve cognitive skills, increasing speed and accuracy with mental tasks. This is ideal for tests.

  6. Body Refresher – Matcha is packed with chlorophyll. This plant power house has a beneficial effect on breath and body odor. This is a great reason to add it to your life, especially if you are going to squeeze into a room with many other humans.

  7. Immune Boost – The antioxidants, especially EGCG and catechins, in matcha are good for the immune system. Interacting with many other people, you want your immune system at its best.

  8. Self-Esteem Enhance – All the benefits of matcha come together for this one. Improved mood, sleep, appetite, metabolism, skin, cognition, and energy levels combine for an overall healthier, happier you. With less stress, less anxiety, more rest, sharper mind, and glowing skin, you can feel more confident.