Autumn Fall Colors Japan Kyoto

Autumn Colors in Kyoto

The leaves start changing in Kyoto in October, and the peak of fall foliage usually comes in the middle of November. Our area, Uji, is located in the southern part of Kyoto, so the peak comes a bit late.

In Kyoto, almost every temple, shrine and garden has a few maple trees and other colorful trees. Some are also known for their evening illuminations. The sight of the lit up maple leaves, reflecting on the surface of the temple's pond, are particularly breathtaking.

Japan Fall Colors

As known as the finest Matcha producer in the country, there are traditional teahouses and cafes that offer authentic Ceremonial Matcha and also delicious Matcha desserts even inside the temples and shrines.

Japanese Tea Ceremony in Fall

Ujido's cafe in Uji, Kyoto offers a special Autumn Matcha menu only during this season as well.

Specialty Matcha Products

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