Healthy Fermented Foods for you

Are Fermented Foods Healthy?

Fermented foods are becoming more recognizable in our communities because people are realizing how important these foods are in order to balance your gut health. There are many benefits to preparing and eating fermented foods, they are rich in probiotics and the process of fermentation can be easy and affordable.

In fact, our ancestors have been using this unique process of fermentation for as long as they can remember.. “Fish, fruits, meat, milk, and vegetables are highly perishable, and our ancestors utilized every technique to store foods for later consumption. The 18th-century English explorer, Captain James Cook, was recognized by the Royal Society for having conquered scurvy among his crew by sailing with large quantities of sauerkraut. His 60 barrels of kraut lasted for 27 months, and not a single crew member had scurvy, which previously killed large numbers of the crew member on a long sea voyage.”

Fermentation is the process where microorganisms are converted to carbohydrates to organic acids under anaerobic conditions, this is important because it can preserve food for longer and also during the fermentation process the outcome is that the organisms produce acetic acid, alcohol, and lactic acid which are all “bio-preservatives” which help to keep in all that nutrients and prevent the food from going bad. Lactic acid also serves as a preservative, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.  


The meaning of probiotic literally means “for life” this is why fermented foods are so healthy for our bodies because they have natural probiotic powers that boost our immune systems and help to balance out our gut flora bacteria. About 70% of the immune system is in the intestine, so taking care of your bowel immunity can be helpful with probiotics. Some examples of probiotic foods are sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, fermented cheese, and beverages are kefir or kombucha.


The following are a few of the benefits of eating fermented foods daily,

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Has anti-cancer effects
  3. Reduces symptoms of Lactose Intolerance
  4. Improves arthritis
  5. Treats inflammatory bowel disease

You can find fermented foods at a health food store, but your more likely to get all the benefits that they offer by making your own at home with a few simple tools, and your own fresh organic produce. By taking these rich probiotic foods daily you’ll see a change in your health like never before. Start small today, and see big results!