Matcha Green Tea for Kids

Matcha Green Tea for Kids

When it comes to our kids we are always looking for the best, the newest, the most convenient… BUT overall we think it is safe to say that we all want healthy. However not everything that is healthy for adults can be or should be given to kids. Which brings us to the question, is Matcha Green Tea healthy for kids? While studies have been conducted on the benefits of matcha for adults, studies are still being worked on for kids. We have listed some information to help you decide if your child should have matcha added as part of their diet:

  • Helps Kill Bacteria/Viruses ; Preventing Cold & Flu
    • Matcha’s Catechins have antiviral properties – Children who consume Matcha have been found to combat flu much better than those who don’t. (Source: The Journal of Nutrition 2011 Matcha contains high amounts of flavonoids and antioxidants, both of which can help put the shields up against bacteria, viruses as well as infections.

  • Healthier Hearts
    • Matcha is a natural source of antioxidants that help promote heart health. Early on in life we start to build up plaque in our heart arteries and Matcha can help improve cardiovascular health since it can help clear up clogged arteries and lower blood pressure.

  • Better Oral Health
    • Matcha contains EGCG this is a catchin that protects against cavity-creating bacterias. Children who intake Matcha, could be at a lower risk of developing tooth decay. Matcha also contains Sulphur which can help improve bad breath and prevent sore throats.

  • Improved Concentration & Memory
    • L-Theanine actively reduces stress, helps improve memory & concentration as well as enhance creativity. Polyphenols is a type of chemical compound found in Matcha that helps widen the blood vessels and can improve the flow of blood to the brain.

  • Preventing Childhood Obesity
    • Matcha has been known to help speed up the metabolism, burn fat & help stabilize blood sugar.  According to the World Health Organization; Matcha can help combat Childhood obesity, this the most serious & fastest-spreading affliction in Western Countries. Children who are obese are prone to a number of conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fungal infections & acne.

  • Protection from UV Damage
    • EGCG is an active compound in Matcha – it protects the skin from Ultraviolet Sun Rays and reduces the intensity of several skin problems related to UV damage.

As with any product, we always suggest you consult with your child’s physician and make sure that Matcha is safe for your child. Matcha is a source of sustained caffeine energy, however all children are unique and may react differently. If your child is sensitive to caffeine, we suggest starting with minimal dosage & only allow them to consume once per day until you see how it affects your child.

What child wouldn’t enjoy a nice hot cup of Matcha Tea with honey? Or eating a cookie with a bit of matcha in it? There are many other ways to incorporate matcha-from adding Matcha into baked goods, smoothies and even in your dinner recipes! Check out our LONG list of Recipes: