Holiday Stress How to Handle It

Stressing about the Holidays? You are not alone!

Holiday Greetings from all of us at Ujido!

While this time of year is meant to be happy & joyful, this is not always the case for everyone. The Holidays can be stressful, overwhelming, lonely, and sometimes just plain depressing. Both men and woman become stressed during this season- 8 out of 10 American Adults to be exact!

Did you know?

  • Over 65% claim financial worries as a holiday's significant stress factor
  • 50% feel an obligation to attend Family get-togethers
  • 40% of adults report overeating or eating unhealthy foods because of stress
Holiday Stress Facts

One thing we can all agree on is that the Holidays are very Expensive! Not only do we spend money on gifts for friends & family, but we also spend money on food, parties & even that cute new outfit to wear to those gatherings. This can easily add up and start to put a strain on your wallet. Another stressor can be gathering with family. It can bring the best AND the worst out of us.

So how do we combat the negative side to spending money on gift or spending time with family?

A great way to stay ahead of the shopping game is to plan ahead! Make a list, check it twice and then STICK TO IT. No random, compulsive buys! You can also change things up this year and instead of a 3-course meal, try having a Christmas Brunch or even a potluck. Finally, remember that you don’t always have to spend money in order to give a gift. Some of the most valued and appreciated gifts are not available in a store. Give the gift of your time by offering to babysit for a friend who is in need of a date night or plan to help out around Grandma’s home with yard work & hard tasks that they may be putting off.

To help with the family get together, remember-always appreciate everyone’s efforts & be understanding. We don’t really know what everyone is feeling or has had to endure in order to be a part of the family get together. One of your relatives maybe worked overtime. Another might be tired from long hours at a stressful job, while another might be someone with little ones who struggled to get them ready before arriving. Try to have activities/games planned. People who are involved or participating are less likely to get upset or start any arguments. Work on assigning everyone a responsibility and make sure that everyone feels like they are contributing to the festivities and not just 1 person feeling overwhelmed handling everything.

Above all, find some time to remember those less fortunate than us and appreciate even the smallest of luxuries we have! Wishing you & your loved ones the Happiest of Holidays and Blessed New Year

Stressed out just reading this article?! Try these Relaxation Techniques to prepare, manage, and recover during the hectic holiday season-

  • Keep Calm – Find a quiet space, light some scented candles or aromatherapy oils, listen to soothing-soft music OR Take a hot, relaxing bath! Anything that gives you some peace and quiet.

  • Get a Good Night’s Rest – Lack of sleep can make you feel irritable and more prone to feeling stressed. The Holidays usually means late nights, early mornings especially if you have children! With Daylight Savings the days are short and with less natural light our bodies produce more melatonin; the hormone that helps regulate our body clock. Unless we can get enough sleep we more likely to feel tired, grumpy & stressed.

  • Make time for Exercise – I know we are already counting the minutes in our day and this seems like something that is just NOT important... we are already eating & drinking excessively so why bother? Exercise is a great way to burn not only calories but also burn away some stress - Working out burns off cortisol & adrenaline which will help produce Mood Enhancing Endorphins. Try going for an early morning or an after-dinner walk for some fresh air, this will lift your mood and make you feel better!

  • Avoid High Caffeine Beverages – When your body is under stress you will begin to produce cortisol which will put you into “Fight or Flight” mode, this goes for any HIGH Caffeine drinks as well. Try drinking some of Ujido’s Matcha Green Tea, it offers clean energy without any of the jitters, can help detox your body & enhance your mental clarity and focus and as is PLUS Ujido’s Matcha is also Gluten Free & Keto Friendly!