The Pet Factor Behind the Human Factor

The Pet Factor

Usually, the number one conversation topic for the New Year consists of making and keeping our resolutions. Have you ever considered that your four-legged friends just might give you the inspiration that you need? Most pets are happy with a few basic things, and in the long run, can motivate you to keep the resolutions that you have set out to do:

Dog in River
  • Exercise - Dogs just love the outdoors. Daily walks or even going for a jog help keep you feeling active and gets your pet out and enjoying the fresh air! Exercise for us humans is a great way to keep joints from creaking, blood pumping strong, and can relieve stress from work or daily tasks. It also can give you needed fresh air if you are in an office setting all day.
Dog and Ducky
  • Trying something new - Most pet owners get their animals while they are young or from a pet shelter, so the experience of your home is a whole new world to them. Usually, one they have to explore and figure out. We can use this example to try new thing ourselves! Have you always wanted to travel? Ever considered taking a cooking class? Maybe you have wanted to take up a new hobby? DO IT! Your pet would tell you to get out of your “comfort zone” and get out and explore. Have 2019 be the year that you add something that makes you more unique.
  • Let the past stay in the past - animals are very forgiving creatures. In an article by Miriam Roelink, MS titled “11 Important Life Lessons Pets Can Teach Us," she suggests that cats do not hold a grudge for long if you accidentally step on their tail, or your dog will take only a few seconds to get over you being late from work. They just want to be close to you. The time to hold grudges and keep anger growing isn’t productive for anyone. The best advice your animal would say is to “forgive and forget”.
Cat Tree Fun
  • Take a break and take a nap - Rest is always a good thing! Life can get busy from day to day. Moms running kids to school, college students heading to class, people are usually moving around a majority of the day. So a lesson from your pet would be: take a break and take a nap! According to, naps can help provide three things: A recharge in your energy, zap stress and boost your mood. No wonder your dog or cat is always happy!
Happy Dog Pets
  • Accept yourself - Do dogs ever wish they were other dogs? Do dogs ever wish they were other dogs? Do cats sit around and think “I wish I had the kitty toys that Fluffy next door has.” No! They love their life and you for who you are! We need to be the same. Sometimes our resolutions are about bettering ourselves, but you are also great as you are. The best thing about life is how unique we all are. This world would be pretty boring if everyone was the same. Variety is the spice of life!
In the end, pets really are some of the best examples. They love, they play, they rest, and they enjoy life! Take time to use their example as motivation to make 2019 your best year yet!


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