Earth Day Green Matcha Ujido

Ujido’s Commitment to a Greener Future

It’s Not Just Our Tea That’s Green

As we celebrate Earth Day, we like to look at our current tea growing practices in order to ensure we’re creating sustainable farming and a bright future.
Ujido relies on a very delicate eco-system for our business. Supporting that balance is our #1 priority.

We planted our first tea fields in 1832 in the Uji valley. This region is a source of world-renowned tea fields and is considered the home of Japan’s highest grade teas. The Uji River runs through the area, producing extremely fertile soil, foggy evening mists that help prevent frost, and humid weather in summer. Tea fields in Uji are on the rolling hills, and well-ventilated with good water drainage ability.

Our high quality Matcha tea depends on harmony between nature and our farmers. We understand the importance of preserving and protecting our environment.

To demonstrate just how critical these conditions are to producing our unique Matcha, these are the natural conditions our tea fields depend on….
• Average yearly temperature is 57.2 to 60.8 degrees F.
• More than 80 running days with minimum temperature of 59 degrees F.
• More than 210 days with average temperature of 41 degrees F or above.
• Annual amount of rainfall is 52 inches or higher, but stable rainfall, not having intensive rainy period or dry period.
• Protection from Typhoons, Hail, and Frost.
• Soils with good drainage, ventilation, and water retention abilities, and pH 4-5.

So how do we support our environment? Ujido is proud to practice sustainable farming and has implemented many green practices, from soil erosion prevention to water conservation and the use of organic fertilizers.

Japan’s Positive System of Agriculture also strictly regulates farming practices to create healthy plants, and prohibits the use of harmful pesticides. Ujido continually exceeds these high quality regulations. Our tealeaves are tested before they’re able to ship in order to adhere to these strict standards.

In 1832, a humble tea farmer decided to start a tea business in Uji, Kyoto Japan — where our current Japanese Tea production method was first developed. Tune-emon Takizo, and his family, have continued to produce superior Green Tea every generation since practicing the same traditional growing method.

We are so honored to carry on an ancient tradition that is also our family heritage for nearly two centuries after our humble beginnings, we enjoy bringing authentic Matcha tea to the world.

As information and knowledge increase, and new growing practices are developed, we continually look for ways to make our operations even more green. We love our planet and our goal is to continue growing the highest quality tea leaves for another two centuries!

Enjoy your Earth Day and celebrating a greener future!