We’ve Opened Another Tea Shop!

We’ve Opened Another Tea Shop!

On Aug 7, Itohkyuemon, Ujido’s parent company, opened a new tea shop in the Gion area in Kyoto’s bustling downtown. This is our 5th shop in the city joining Uji Main, JR Uji Station, Byodoin Temple, and Kyoto Station.

The 1st floor of our new shop is shopping space, where you can find your favorites packaged items, including more than 100 different products such as matcha tea, matcha chocolates, matcha cookies, and many new items updated often!

You can also try a treat from the Matcha Parfait Bar, a new option. These cute cupfuls of joy come in 5 gorgeously delicious flavors. Explore Strawberry, Tropical, Original, Chestnut, and Cherry blossom. You won’t regret it.

Beautiful Matcha Tea in Japan

The 2nd and 3rd floor is café space where you can enjoy the super trendy matcha menus! We serve more matcha parfaits, matcha curry noodles, mochi, and many other interesting and tasty dishes you can only try here.

Have you begun planning your next vacation? Why don’t you visit our new tea shop, and dive deep into all the amazing sights, sounds, and flavors of Japan? We’ll reserve you a table.

Matcha Tea and Snacks

Not able to make it to Japan just yet? You can still get our traditional matcha in the US until then from Ujido.