Summery Matcha Seltzer or Soda

Summery Matcha Seltzer or Soda

Mixing up a deliciously sweet matcha seltzer or matcha soda is easy. All it really takes is sparkling water and sweetened matcha. Don't have sweetened matcha? Add your favorite sweetener to the recipe below. It is that simple.

Matcha Soda Seltzer


1 packet sweetened matcha (zero sugar)
2 tablespoons hot water
Sparkling water


Whisk matcha powder into hot water to make a simple matcha syrup. We recommend Sweet Matcha or our new Matcha Energy now in strawberry and lemon. Pour sparkling water over ice and stir in the syrup gently. Garnish with a wedge of lemon, slice of strawberry, or sprig of mint. Enjoy.

Sweet Matcha or Energy Packets for Seltzer

Can you make this alcoholic? Definitely. Enjoy responsibly if so.