Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)
Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)

Roasted Matcha 2oz (Hojicha)

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Roasted matcha with a darker, smokier, richer flavor. Use it as a coffee substitute, for a darker latte, or in cooking and baking. Roasting matcha breaks down the tannins, which cause bitterness, while also removing some of the naturally occurring caffeine, for a mellow, unique matcha. Try it today!

  • Real Roasted Matcha not Sencha or ground green tea
  • Sourced and packed in Uji, Japan, the birthplace of matcha
  • Grown under SHADE as true matcha should be
  • Great for cooking and drinking


  • Natural energy to boost metabolism, endurance, and focus
  • Rich in L-Theanine to restore well being and balance
  • An energized calm feeling, unlike the buzz of coffee or energy drinks
  • Rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, catechins, and EGCG
  • Rich, smooth, mellow roasted flavor found only in quality matcha
  • Great as a palate cleansing beverage during meals
  • Has a balancing affect on greasy meals


Sourced from the Uji region of Japan, the birthplace of matcha, from the Tune-emon Takizo’s family farm where we've done matcha right for over 185 years.


1st harvest, shade grown, hand picked, hand selected for quality, and stone ground for the finest matcha available on the planet.


Natural energy, metabolism booster, rich in L-Theanine, and ready to restore your body's well being and balance.


Chlorophyll, natural amino acids, Catechins, and EGCg with an amazingly smooth, mellow, and soothing flavor. Enhanced even further with roasting.


Strengthens immune system, body, and mind.


Ujido is a Japanese company providing real Matcha not Sencha or ground green tea. Our Matcha is free of metals and radiation. If you’re not satisfied, we will refund your purchase. For continued freshness refrigerate after opening.

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