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What is Matcha?

Matcha is a Japanese Green Tea that is finely ground and used in traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It has extraordinary health benefits, a high antioxidant value, and a smooth, mellow, and soothing flavor.

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is a superfood, with a high antioxidant value, that can:

  • Stimulate metabolism, burn fat, and help stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Nourish, stimulate, and protect your brain
  • Improve memory, learning, and positive mood

Types of Matcha

There are many companies selling matcha, but how do you know if that matcha is good quality? It may be less expensive than other competeing brands, but are you really getting the high quality product your expecting and wanting?

Here are some of the key factors in finding great tasting and great quality Matcha:

  • Color and Taste
  • Processing
  • Cultivation
  • Harvest

The best Matcha has a bright deep green color, and a smooth, mellow taste. Color can deteriorate through processing the Matcha tea leaves. The longer the Matcha stays exposed the more the color fades. So, for example, if a Matcha bag is opened and repackaged for resale by a 3rd party, the Matcha powder will be exposed to the environment and thus the color will deteriorate. The best Matcha is ground into fine powder, and packaged only once. The next time the package is opened, is in your home for your enjoyment.

True Japanese Matcha is grown in a shaded field, which increases the amounts of theanine in the tea leaves. Much of the Matcha on the market is grown in Open-Air Fields, resulting in decreased levels of Theanine and other key nutrients only acquired or increased through cultivation in Shaded Fields.

Perhaps the most important factor in determining the type and quality of Matcha is the harvest. Matcha is typically only harvested 2 times a year, the 1st Harvest and 2nd Harvest. Tea leaves from the 1st Harvest have the highest quality, taste, and antioxidant levels. The color is the brightest green, and the desired smooth and mellow distinctive taste. Tea leaves from the 2nd Harvest are treated with special care and are also bright green in color and have a natural sweet taste, but compared with 1st Harvest, the color is less vibrant, and have a slightly refreshing bitter taste.

Why Ujido Matcha?

Ujido provides the highest culinary grade Matcha. It is sourced and packed in Uji, Japan, and is supplied by Tune-emon Takizo’s family for over 180 years. Tune-emon Takizo’s Matcha is grown in shaded fields, thus providing high levels of Theanine, Chlorophyl, and other antioxidants. The tea leaves are hand picked, and ground into the finest tea powder. All Tea leaves under-go inspections to insure only the most perfect leaves are used in making our Matcha powder. Ujido Matcha is also tested for pesticides, radiation, and heavy metals.

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