6 Happy Halloween Detox Ideas to Rise Again Today

6 Happy Halloween Detox Ideas to Rise Again Today

Halloween is one of the best holidays. You get to face fears, try on a new persona for a day, play dress up, and overdo it in spectacular fashion. The traditions around this fall festivity include doughnuts, chili, cider, alcohol, and sweets galore, including literal bucketfuls of candy. There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself now and again, but today might be a good day for a reset. We'll help you rise from the grave of excess, don't you worry.

  1. Forgive – First things first, don’t beat yourself up about the day of excess. They happen, and negative self-talk will only drive up your stress hormones, make you feel worse with shame and guilt, and drive into the waiting arms of more unhealthy comfort foods. Stop that! Forgive yourself and move on. An occasional holiday isn’t the end of the world when it comes to your health. Take positive steps today going forward and know that you’ll overdo it again come Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s all okay.

  2. Drink Water – Water is the ultimate detoxifier. It is used by every system throughout the body to clean, carry away waste, supply nutrients, and keep cells full and happy, and drive immune defenses where they need to be. Drink plenty today and over the next few days to rehydrate and balance out those electrolytes lost to dancing, too much salty snacks, or alcohol.

  3. Go Herbal – Water isn’t your only option. Try soothing herbal teas that are mostly water. Peppermint, ginger, and chamomile are good options to calm the body and stomach as you come down from overdoing it.

  4. Think Green – Chlorophyll is your friend when it comes to any solid reset. This powerhouse of plant cells does way more than convert light into energy. In humans, chlorophyll is a potent detox agent. It helps clear away waste while deodorizing breath and body. Try leafy greens, green smoothies, and green tea. Matcha is especially high in chlorophyll, plus those powerful antioxidants speed recovery while L-Theanine brings back concentration and focus. It’s one of the best post-party beverages.

  5. Exercise – Don’t go running a 5k or hitting the gym hard right away. After a night of excess and lack of sleep, you’re more likely to injure yourself, so do something light. Think yoga, some light cardio, a short hike, a ten-minute walk, or a few jumping jacks. Just do a tiny amount to get the blood flowing and help your body clear out the fog.

  6. Sleep – Today is a good day for a nap. Don’t sleep the whole day away, but a power nap of ten to twenty minutes is a smart way to let your brain and body recover. Then make sure you get your eight hours or more over the next few days.

That’s six simple ways to help you detox your Halloween. How else do you like to recover from your holidays?