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Organic Sweet Matcha Latte 20g x 10 packets

Ujido Sweet Tea is the perfect blend of sweetness and rich matcha green tea flavor. Satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your health or metabolism! Sweeten a mug of matcha, create the perfect matcha smoothie or delicious afternoon treat.

Take the guesswork out of healthy, great tasting matcha beverages and treats with our special Sweet Matcha, perfectly sweetened with sugar-free, zero calorie, natural sweeteners.

Just mix with hot water for a delicious matcha tea or with ice water for a sweet iced tea. Also perfect for keeping your matcha smoothies, lattes and treats low-sugar and healthy! All Ujido Matcha is Gluten-Free and Keto Friendly.

JAPANESE HERITAGE - sourced and packed in Uji, Japan - supplied from Tune-emon Takizo’s family farm where Matcha has been produced for over 180 years

Highest Culinary Grade - 1st and 2nd harvest our second, grown under SHADE, HAND picked, and STONE ground great for cooking and drinking

ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFOOD - can help with natural energy, boost metabolism, supplies L-Theanine, and helps restore your body's well being and balance

RICH & DELICATE - Ujido Matcha has Chlorophyll, natural amino acids, Catechin, EGCg and has an Amazing smooth, mellow, and soothing flavor FORTIFIES - and strengthens your immune system allowing you to detox

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