Organic Matcha 3.5oz
Organic Matcha 3.5oz
Organic Matcha 3.5oz
Organic Matcha 3.5oz

Organic Matcha 3.5oz

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The perfect blend of organic 1st harvest ceremonial and organic 2nd harvest high culinary matcha, so you get the flavor of ceremonial at the price of a quality culinary. Our Organic Matcha is the best of both grades, a great introductory matcha to those first trying out this unique Japanese green tea, and the vibrant green you want in a delicious matcha.

  • Organic matcha from Japan
  • From a company doing matcha for over 185 years
  • HIGHEST Japanese Ceremonial Grade - 1st harvest
  • HIGHEST Japanese Culinary Grade - 2nd harvest
  • Great for drinking as tea, in lattes, and in cooking or baking
  • HAND-PICKED from the highest quality tea leaves in Uji, Japan
  • PACKAGED in Japan and 100% pure Japanese Matcha 
  • No additives or blending with cheaper non-matcha tea leaves
  • Packed with antioxidants, catechins, and L-Theanine
  • Powerful source of natural energy and focus
  • Boosts metabolism to help maintain weight


  • Natural energy to boost metabolism, endurance, and focus
  • Rich in L-Theanine to restore well being and balance
  • An energized calm feeling, unlike the buzz of coffee or energy drinks
  • Rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, catechins, and EGCG
  • An amazingly smooth, mellow, and soothing flavor only found in quality ceremonial matcha

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