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Roasted Matcha 2oz

  • real Matcha not Sencha or ground green tea
  • roasted flavor achieved by special additional production process, called“Roasting”.
  • GLUTEN-FREE and KETO Friendly.
  • sourced and packed from the highest quality tea leaves in Uji, Japan
  • grown under SHADE, HAND picked
  • great for cooking and drinking


  • helps with natural energy, boost metabolism, supplies L-Theanine, and helps restore your body's well being and balance
  • Has natural amino acids, Catechin, EGCg and has an Amazing smooth, mellow, and soothing flavor fortifies and strengthens your immune system allowing you to detox
  • suitable as a side beverage during your meal as it clears your palette
  • balancing effect for greasy meals.

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